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sus3 Music – Premier Artist Submission Form


Instructions:  Please complete both steps to complete your submission.



  • Step 1.  Complete The Submission Form then proceed to Step 2.
  • Step 2. Upload up to 5 songs using the Submit Songs Link

Step 1 – Complete Submission Form

If complete form is not showing in the window, hover cursor over the form in order to scroll.

Step 2 – Upload Submission Files

  • Upload up to 5 songs.  Each song should have been entered on the above submission form (if not please go back to that step and add each song to the form)
  • At this time, only the full mix is needed.  Instrumental and Vocal stems will be added later
  • Please include the lyrics with the submission.  If they are not already included in the metadata, then upload them in PDF  or TXT form.
  • The music can be uploaded in mp3, AIF or WAV format (please note, when we do the full intake, you will have to upload the main file and all stems in AIF format only).