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sus3 Music Producer Submission Form

Instructions:  You must complete both steps in order for your submission to be considered.


  • Step 1.  Complete The Submission Form then proceed to Step 2.
  • Step 2. Upload up to 3 tracks using the Submit Tracks Link

Step 1 – Complete Submission Form

Step 2 – Upload Submission Files

  • Upload up to 3 tracks.  Each track should have been entered on the above submission form (if not please go back to that step and add each song to the form)
  • Please re-enter the name of the brief in the Playlist Name field when you upload the tracks
  • At this time, only the full mix is needed.  If your music is selected, you may be asked to provide the stems or individual tracks.
  • The music can be uploaded in mp3, AIF or WAV format (please note, if your submission is selected, you will have to upload stems or individual tracks in a hi res format).